My Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who thought the entire world loved her.  Then she went to school and realized, nope!  LOL!  I’ve been struggling with social anxiety, depression, allergies and a host of other illnesses and injuries ever since then.  Luckily I was born into a family who basically lived in the hospital, so I was never too far from a doctor or could figure out how to take care of myself or someone else in my family.

I am the youngest of four children.  I have an older brother and two older sisters.  We all used to be extremely close but life doesn’t always allow you to stay as close as you were when you lived in the same house.  We all grew up in southern California with our mom and grandmother.  Two single parents, raising 4 kids in the 70’s.

I met and married at a young age, much younger than I thought I was.  Had two babies and then divorced him not long after my second son was born.  I met Steve online before even existed!  We had some rough patches here and there, but we’ve been together basically for 20 years.  Living together for 11 and owning and running a small business for 10.  We’re not married, for various reasons, and aren’t likely ever to get married.  But for all intents and purposes, we are married… heart and soul.  Steve helped to raise my sons through their teen years and beyond and was the best father they could ever hope to have.

10 years ago, Steve and I started a small business in the trucking industry out of our spare bedroom.  I was working for another company doing the same thing.  It took Steve a few months to talk me into it because I was scared to go out on our own while we were already struggling.  But in July 2008, we started our own business.  It was rough at first and we ate beans and rice for dinner most nights, but we got through it and started growing.  10 years later and we now have 6 people working for us, including both of my sons.

Two plus years ago a friend of mine invited me (actually more like kidnapped me, but that’s another topic), to her group where she sold this new clothing called LuLaRoe.  I bought a pair of green printed leggings (because they were buttery soft, y’all) and an Irma blouse.  I bought them specifically to wear during Christmas because they looked cute and comfy.  The print was a subtle deer print, so it seemed suitable for Christmas.  That was the beginning of my obsession.  I absolutely adored wearing them!  Not only were they cute and comfy, but no matter what my weight was, I still felt great!  Almost a full year after I bought that first pair, I joined LuLaRoe and started selling the clothing.  Believe me when I say they are the best clothes I have ever worn.

Although the last couple of years have been extremely rough on me and my mom concerning my health, I’ve learned a lot about myself, business, family and much more.  Really there is a lot to “My Story” and there’s a lot more yet to write about, but that is what this blog is for and all about.  I hope you’ll stick around and come back often to my little patch on the internet!


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