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God is so Good!

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God is so good!!  Everything in HIS perfect timing.  I used to sell Lu La Roe clothing and a few years ago I had to quit because of my health.  I absolutely loved those clothes and hoped to get back into selling them again, so I hung onto my inventory.  Selling them again was NOT in God’s plan though.  I have been trying to find someplace to either sell them or donate them.  Nothing really felt right.

 UNTIL last week I found an amazing organization called “Living Alternatives”.  Not only are they a wonderful crisis pregnancy center, but they also help foster teen girls!  They are the most at risk for crisis pregnancies.  One of the many parts of Living Alternatives is their “Keeps Boutique”.  This little boutique takes donations, mostly from manufacturers, of brand new with tag clothes, and gives them 6 items that they can take home for their very own.

If you know anything about the foster system, then you know that most of these kids, especially the older ones, don’t have much to call their own.  The clothes that the do receive, generally, are secondhand clothes.  What Keeps does, is they make appointments for these teen girls (13-17), and they can go shopping in the store.  They get to have brand new items, instead of hand me downs!

For the most part Keeps gets seconds or “floor” models of the clothes from stores and manufacturers.  They are usually in smaller sizes as well.  So, they’ve been asking people to please bring in the plus sized clothes.  Well, I used to focus on the plus sized clothes in Lu La Roe!  I had a ton of larger sizes in skirts, leggings, blouses, dresses, everything!! 

When I say a ton, I literally mean it too!  I had about 21 boxes of clothes.  Boxes the size of the paper file boxes all the way up to the boxes that hold office chairs in them.  Because that’s what they were, office chair boxes that were filled with clothes! 

Now, I’m not telling you all of this because I want to brag about myself.  That part makes me very uncomfortable.  I was raised to fully believe in the anonymous giver.  I don’t want praise, and it’s even hard for me to accept thanks in these situations.  The reason I’m telling you about this is because it shows God’s great timing.  Keeps is about to have many girls come to pick out clothes for the holidays.  My clothes came just at the perfect time for them! 

To further show this amazing timing of God.  Yesterday, when I went to church, we had a guest pastor.  And guess what topic he talked about?  Yep!  God’s perfect timing.  It may not always be OUR timing, but it’s the perfect timing!  God knows, sees, and uses all for HIS plans and HIS will!  When we wait for Him to show us the path, everything works to perfection!

Just to put the cherry on the top of this God lesson he gave me over this weekend.  As I was sitting down after church, scrolling through my emails.  I see an email from Compel Training.  They had opened their registration for writers to join.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Now, I haven’t been waiting long to join Compel.  In fact, I just found this amazing place.  I’ve been wanting to write one or more books on the various things in my life and my family‚Äôs life.  I knew that this organization would help me to make that dream come true.  When I found Compel a week or so ago, their registration was closed and there was no notice of when they might open it up again.  But God knew that yesterday would be the perfect timing for me to see that email, to join this organization!  It doesn’t matter if we wait a day, a week, a year, or 10 years.  When we wait for God’s plan to come to fruition it is perfect! 

Proverbs 16:9

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”

I pray that we all have patience to wait for God to show us where are steps are leading us.  Trust in the Lord!  He IS taking care of you.  Notice I said IS and not WILL.  Will implies that he hasn’t started yet.  No no no, God already IS taking care of you.  We may not understand it or recognize it, but he is ALWAYS with us… even when we aren’t with him!

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