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Screenless Evening

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So last night, Steve and I did something really bizarre. Something we hadn’t done in years, maybe decades! We kept the T.V. off, put our tablets and phones down, and read real paper magazines and books! AND We didn’t die! LOL

With the way social media is going and how “Big Tech” can’t seem to help themselves but to track our every movement and mood, we decided we’d like to wean ourselves off of the technology. At least to bring our usage down to a bare minimum. I deleted all social media off of my phone and committed to not going on social media until next year. Steve deactivated his Facebook account! Not really that big of a deal for him, but still. Like, does he even exist without a Facebook account?!

We unplugged from cable years ago, so that was not something we had to do now. Instead we’ve been watching mostly YouTube channels. There are a lot of great creators on there, including some very good independent journalists. However we wanted to go completely without technology last night. So we did not even turn on the television! For 80’s kids, you should know how crazy that sounds to us, but we did it!

After work, to relax a little before starting dinner, I read a few articles from my Herbal Companion magazine. Then I started making dinner. After dinner, I started some laundry and folded what was already in the basket. Usually I just keep my clothes in the basket till it’s empty because folding and hanging clothes kills my back. Last night, however, I was determined to get more work done. After I put the clothes away, then I started cleaning the dishes! Luckily Steve came along to finish up the dishes, because by that time my back was hurting and I needed to stop. But I got a lot done.

Once I was done with cleaning for the night, then I sat down and read some more articles in the Herbal Companion and the Farmers Almanac for 2021. I cannot tell you when the last time I sat to read a book or magazine was. Usually I will read something on my phone and not a physical book. Last night was different though, and it was really nice. We had the fire going, I had my drink beside me, my feet up, and read until I was ready for bed. I hope we can keep doing this and stop thinking about technology so much. I think it’s better for our moods and our brains!

Have you ever taken a break from technology? Tell me about it below! How did you change your habits? What did you replace technology with?

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