Worth Waiting For

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I’m nearing 50 and so is Steve, my husband. We’ve been together for almost 23 years now. We’ve lived in rentals. It’s always been someone else’s home. Which for the most part was alright. But lately we’ve been aching for a place of our own.

It used to be that people would get that ache for their own property by the time they were 30. Maybe that’s still true but it’s also much harder to wish for that now. In most areas not only do both people in a marriage have to work to afford to pay the bills, but the prices for houses are insane!

We both grow up in Southern California and both of our childhood homes are “worth” almost a million dollars each. Neither in a high income areas either. My grandparents bought my childhood home for around $60,000! You can’t even buy a mobile home for that now!

It would have been nice if we had been able to purchase a house when the boys were small but that was not in the cards for us. We got by living in rentals. I don’t think it hurt them in any way.

Maybe it helped them to see their parents working hard to build a business. Working hard to fix their credit that had been messed up by youthful poor choices. And work hard we did. Now, as long as everything goes smoothly, which we are well aware of the potential issues that can and probably will show up between now and closing. But if everything goes well….we’ll be in our OWN house , on our own land, before my birthday!

I prayed so hard. I prayed a “dangerous prayer”. I asked God to break me! I asked God to take charge of my life. I asked God to show me HIS will! I would accept his decision no matter what it was because only HE knows HIS plans for me! I am so grateful to God right now! I am blessed in so many ways!

I can hardly believe it. We’re buying a house!!

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