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Coronavirus Quarantine Day 4

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Here’s what’s happened so far in our lives.

We own a small business and have 7 employees. Luckily the type of business we have, we can send everyone home with their computer and they can work from home. It’s a little clunkier, but it works. Our business is slowing down, but still going. All of our customers keep asking if the states are shutting down travel yet, and so far, they are not. Hopefully there will not be a nationwide domestic travel ban, and most of our customers can keep moving.

We brought my mother in law to stay with us. She’s having trouble understanding what’s going on and why she’s staying with us, but she’s happy to be here. She’s very helpful to have around too because she keeps our kitchen clean. LOL

My mom has trouble remembering why she can’t go to her doctors visits. She has good days and bad. Our moms are the reason we started prepping for this about 3 weeks ago. We knew we’d have to hunker down and isolate ourselves as much as possible to keep them safe. It was a matter of when do we do it and how.

I’m still crazy worried about my oldest son who decided to stay in Las Vegas. They’ve completely shut down all of the casinos in the town for a month. There are pictures of the strip totally empty. That’s crazy. It wasn’t even like that after 9/11! The stores are completely empty and he doesn’t have much food still. We’ve sent him some supplies, and will probably send him more. I wish he had come out here when we asked him to. I hate the idea that Vegas could so easily be cut off from the rest of the world.

My youngest and his girlfriend are still here. They’ve hunkered down for the most part as well. I’m hopeful they isolated themselves enough to be safe. Same for my sister who lives in the same complex. She started isolating herself at about the same time we started prepping. So she should be safe as well.

So now, the hardest part is not going outside, not going on social media, and trying to get our employees to work like they would at the office. LOL So how are you faring in this brave new world? What does your day look like?

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