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Things that are wrong with me so far.

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Just a spoonful huh?

Yes, I’ve decided to make a list of everything that is wrong with me at the present moment. 1. It’s good to have an account of where I am currently to be able to watch my progress… either up or down. 2. It MAY help me to realize that I’m not as in bad of a shape as I thought (or it could have the complete opposite effect, which may send me into a spiral of depression. Meh!). 3. maybe I can use this blog as a refrence when I go to the doctor and they ask “what medical issues do you currently have”. Which currently I just write “ask me later when you have time for this”. So, ok, here goes everything, in no particular order because it’s just coming from my brain. HA!

  • Graves Disease – although I actually think this diagnosis is incorrect. I think there is something wrong with my thyroid and they just happened to pick up on it when it was extremely high, even though I wasn’t losing any weight because of it which is totally unfair. I’m probably the ONLY person in the world who GAINED weight while being HYPER! GAH
  • Pre-Diabetic – again, I think this actually has something to do with my thyroid. I’ve been taking my blood glucose measurements and it’s only high when I first wake up. I’m changing WHEN I take my metformin to see if that helps.
  • Broken back – I have 3 vertebrae in my lower back that are broken on the sides. They’ve been there since I was 18 when I stupidly got into an accident that nearly killed me.
  • Arthritis – currently I am aware of arthritis in my back where it’s broken and my right knee. I believe that I may have it in my hands and/or my other knee. Possibly other locations as well.
  • Allergies – I was born allergic to protein and sugar. LOL How I made it passed my 1st year is a miracle. But here I am close to 50 years later. I’m still allergic to everything (not an exageration), but I’m not still breast-fed, so that’s good.
  • Scoliosis – it’s mild, though may be worse since my back was broken. My back has always been an issue for me
  • Fibromyalgia – This seems to be under control for the most part now that my Lyrica dosage is at the correct level. The dull roar of pain that has been there continuously for I don’t know how many years has finally been quieted. Of course that means all these other things keep popping up to say hi now.
  • Depression – I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life. I used to say I was happy and thought the world loved me until I was 5, when I went to school and found out that no one really loved me at all. Kinda sad. Actually never realized how sad I was as a kid till now.
  • Anxiety – This too has been something I’ve dealt with most of my life. I used to say I was “shy”, but really I was anxious to meet people. When I’m really in a bad place, I’m almost agoraphobic, but generally I just don’t like being around people much because it stresses me out like crazy.
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrom – I’m wearing a brace right now as I write this. My first two fingers on my right hand, and my thumb are tingling as I type. The ring finger and middle finger of my left hand are tingling as well.
  • Sleep Apnea – I believe this is mostly caused by my weight, but maybe not.
  • Asthma – although since I quit smoking almost 4 years ago, I haven’t had much issues with this.
  • IBS – I won’t go into this, but suffice it to say I hate the potty.
  • Galbladder issues – I did until 2016 when I got it removed. Just adding this as a reminder for my surgery list. LOL
  • Poor eyesight – this has been developing over the past 8 years. Mostly due to the fact that I use the computer and my phone entirely too much.
  • High blood pressure – I used to have low blood pressure. So much so that I would faint when I would stand up. Now it’s high. Not have a stroke and die high. And it’s getting better!
  • Overweight – I haven’t weighted myself in about a month, so I don’t know the full damage of the holidays yet. But I’m going to make a WAG (and if you don’t know what that means, ask your grandma), but I think it’s between 230 & 240. The highest I have ever been in my life.

Ok, so I think that list is pretty depressing to say the least. A lot of these things may be caused by the same issue. I believe that there is an underlying problem that has yet to be diagnosed that brings all or most of these issues together. I do not believe that it is food.

Lemme tell you why I do not believe that my issue is food. I have always, always been thin! Not skinny, but thin. Until I hit 30ish and was on birth control and depression meds, which started the downhill roll towards weight issues. My eating habits haven’t changed much over the years. I eat too much sometimes, but I’m an average eater. I don’t eat extremely healthy, but when I have, it has had no affect on my overall health.

The one thing that HAS affected my health the most, other than all the meds, has been exercise. When I have been consistently moving and exercising, some, not all, but some of my issues were controlled better. Especially the issues with pain. That’s a very difficult cycle to get out of/into.

When I’m hurting, doing any kind of exercise is painful and causes me to be in pain for days. Not hours, but days. But if I can continue to exercise long enough, slowly the pain goes away. The more I move, the less I hurt. But if I can’t continue to exercise, then it hurts more the next time I move. It becomes a very hard cycle to change.

Taking Lyrica has started to make moving easier though. I’ve started getting on my recumbent cycle now. I can ride it for a full 3/4 mile at the moment. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s better than 0. I’ll work up to more as I continue to move.

I realize this sounds kind of depressing. Maybe it actually is too. But it’s also not as bad as I thought. There’s a lot that could be wrong with me, that isn’t. I still am able to work at my business and take care of my family. That’s what’s really important. So, although there’s a lot I have to deal with, I have a lot of blessings too. More blessings than curses. I keep working, I keep heading towards my goal of being healthier. As long as I keep swimming, eventually I’ll get to where I’m going!

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