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Year 2020, Day 2

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Dramatic representation

As I sit here at my desk, in my office, sipping my cup of coffee, I reflect on the year so far. I’ll be honest now. So far the year has not gotten off to a great start.

Having stayed up way past my bedtime the previous night (3:30am, yikes! Seriously, I normally go to bed at 9pm, WTH is wrong with me?!), I woke up at 9:30 am thinking that I could certainly stay awake the rest of my day off. I didn’t want to throw my sleep schedule off for one mid week holiday. Shortly after eating a bowl of cereal and starting to watch my normal YouTube channels…. I suddenly realized it was now 2pm.

As you can see, 2020 is clearly going to be the year of time travel. Possibly also memory lapses. Not sure.

Feeling cute, might sleep soon.

The rest of the first day of 2020 went pretty much the same way. Sleep, wake, sleep, wake, sleep, wake… oh shit it’s time to go to work. Dammit!

Now I am at work, reflecting on the few hours (maybe collectively 4), that I was awake yesterday, I realize that staying up till 3:30 am is for those people who are still able to sleep 20 hours a day, stay up for another 24 and then sleep for 3 hours and get up and work the next day as if nothing had happened……. college kids!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen (and yes I did assume your genders), I am almost 50. Which officially makes me old. The countdown to my oldness will begin this year. So I only have about 10 months to do whatever I need to do while I’m still “young”.

Then I’ll have another year to decide how I will adapt to my mental breakdown at being 50. Because, you know, that’s what women do right? We breakdown when we get old. So I have to plan this out correctly. But first, I have to get all the youngness stuff out of my system.

So the question of the day is: If you could do anything before you got old, what would it be, what would you do? Comment below with your answer to get a cookie! Kind of a bucket list for youthloss. That’s a word! Stop judging! You’ll get wrinkles.

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