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Welcoming 2020 with a great word of the year

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Every year I choose a new word, or sometimes sentence/phrase, that expresses the feeling, attitude, or action that I want to embrace in the next year. This year, 2019, was Focus, because I wanted to focus on getting things done. I wanted to focus on my health, my business, my family. 2018 it was “create”… again to create the life and business that I wanted in my life.

Looking back on the words I picked, they all basically the same with a slight variation. I guess the intentions are slightly different, even if they are basically the same. They felt like different words when I chose them. LOL

So for 2020, I picked the word “Build”. Mostly because I want to build a lot this year. I’d like to build a home. I want to build my business bigger and wider. I want to build better relationships with family and build new relationships outside of family.

The focus I took this year, has helped me to figure out exactly what and how I want to build through the next year. I’m kind of excited. Ok, I’m super excited… especially about the house thing. I really want to build a house instead of buying one already built. We’ll see how that turns out.

So do you have a word of the year? Comment below and share what your word of the year is and why you chose it!

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