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Social Media Sucked Me in Again

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Every time I think I’m out, it drags me back in. Then BAM! 3 months have passed! What is it about Social Media that is so addictive? Part of it’s draw is the fact that you can easily keep tabs on all your friends and family without ever picking up a phone or calling them. It’s effortless really.

Rage, no, righteous rage, is another draw to social media. Nothing gets my blood pumping like being outraged by whatever stupid thing someone said, or horrible thing going on somewhere else! Do these things really affect my life? Well they do because of social media, but not in the real world.

Social Media gives us this false sense of connectivity, responsibility, and power that can be detrimental to our overall health and well being. I certainly feel it’s power in my real life. Not only does it make it harder to connect with the people I love, but sometimes disagree with, it also makes me angrier at work and at home.

How can I possibly be happy or satisfied with my life when so many injustices are going on in our world? How can I not speak out and tell everyone how I feel, and how I think they should feel?

What did I do before social media? I read books. I watched TV. I went on hikes. I wrote, crafted, played, loved, lived. Social media makes us believe that we’re living, but we’re not. Social media makes us believe that we’re connecting to people that we love, but we’re not. Social media makes us believe that our voices are being heard, that our opinions are making a difference. Maybe they are, but not in the way we really want them to.

I’m stepping back away from social media again. I find my blood pressure higher, my angry face used more often, and my heart breaking from not only what I am being shown, but what I’m not. I need a break. Will it be for good? I don’t know, probably not. Maybe not this time, but each time I break away, the closer to turning it off all together comes.

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