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Happy National Strawberry Day

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National Strawberry Day is Feb. 27th

Did you think we wouldn’t be celebrating National Strawberry Day here at the Strawberry Patch?  LOL  Yea, no way would I miss today!  Strawberry is my favorite flavor and favorite food!  How could I miss today??

Favorite ways to eat strawberries?  Besides just eating them by the handfuls??  I love having them on my salad!  The sweet tart adds a perfect finishing touch to any salad, but most especially with spinach and candied pecans!  Mmmm.. Cheddars has the BEST salad with smoked Salmon, candied pecans, strawberries and a honey glazed roll.  TO DIE FOR!

So what are your favorite ways to eat strawberries?  Add your favorite recipe below!

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