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I’m trying to stay off Facebook and it’s not going so well when I need to use it for work. But random things that keep popping in my head right now as I am sitting at home finally after a long almost 13 hour day.

1. Someone turning my toilet paper the wrong way makes my head explode. Probably need to control that.

2. My moms 80the birthday is next year and I’ve gotta figure out how to celebrate it!

3. The year after that I turn 50!! WTAF!?!?

4. I need to hire another person to work for me.

5. Why can’t I hire an Alice from Brady bunch?

6. When random shit pops into my head and I start writing it down it’s like a spigot breaks and it just starts pouring out.

7. Why do I know what the hell a spigot is!?!

8. Did I teach that to my sons? Should I have!?!?!

What random stuff goes through your head? Share, make me feel less crazy!

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