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God I am so easily overwhelmed these days.  As some of you may already know, I am going to be leaving the LuLaRoe business.  This was a decision I made because of my health and my main business.  I absolutely LOVE LuLaRoe and I really had a great time being in business selling the clothes, but with my health being so bad and only starting to get better, and my main business really needing as much of my attention as I can muster… leaving LLR was really the only choice I could make.

NOW I have to figure out how to get rid of all the clothes that I have though.  Steve has been coming up with various ideas, but all of them will take effort and thought and planning and….. That’s when I get overwhelmed and shut down and want to throw it all into a bon fire.  Not unlike when we’ve had to move and I’ve daydreamed about burning everything and getting new stuff after moving.

I don’t know that sounds like the perfect plan, doesn’t it? Ah well, it’s illegal, so instead I muddle through packing, or going through my shit and figure out how to deal with the overwhelm.  I’m facing the exact same issue at home too.  I have to go through my bedroom to get rid of stuff (mostly clothes), our living room full of books (did you see my post on planners?), and then the garage full of who knows what from years of moving and packing!  UGH!

Just thinking about all that stuff puts me into an emotional lock down.  Seriously, I’d rather just throw/give it all away than go through everything and decide what to keep and how to get rid of what I don’t want.  I just want it all gone right now.  Anyone have a magic wand I can borrow?

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