I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could

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I grew up and lived most of my life in Southern California.  Los Angeles, or at least one of the many small cities that no one ever recognizes or has heard of that is a part of the Megalopolis that is LA.  Growing up in SoCal is a lot of things… it means you have access to giant mountains, beaches, deserts, big cities, farms… really whatever you like, there it is.

The downside of living in southern California are the politics, the taxes, and the crazy high cost of living.  We moved out of California in 2007 and it’s only gotten worse since we left.  From 2007 – 2016 1 million more people left California than moved there.  Where did they go?  Texas, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Oregon.

We moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and started our business in 2008, just as the housing crisis and the recession started.  Luckily for us our business was not one that needed a lot of up front capital and we were able to keep going and even grew through all of the down turns and problems that happened through the recession.

Vegas wasn’t much different than LA in that it was still a desert, it was brown, and we could see mountains.  I do love mountains.  But there was no water.  I know, most people think “Duh!”.  It’s one thing to know that there’s no water and another to live in an extremely dry area.  What people don’t realize about Vegas, is that there is really a lot to do there!  Museums, theater, shows of all kinds, trails to go on in the mountains, and of course the gambling.  Another thing people don’t know about Vegas is that it has a HUGE Homeschooling community!  Our business was growing more so we needed to move again.  I was getting up at 430 in the morning and I was burning out fast.

We moved to beautiful northeast Texas in 2015.  We found the perfect spot in Texas that wasn’t flatter than a pancake, had green gorgeous trees, plenty of wildlife but also internet and other “city” type things to keep us comfortable.  We weren’t ready to give up our Best Buys and McDonalds just yet!

Los Angeles has a population for about 10 million people.  Las Vegas has a population of around 2 million.  The small town we moved to in Texas has a population of 100K!  But we have fast internet and cable tv, so we’re good!  The biggest difference for us is getting used to the weather here. 

After 3 years, it still seems amazing how WET it is!  As I’m writing this right now it’s raining.  The storms don’t typically last very long… they run right over us and out to the next state.  And it probably doesn’t rain as often as say, Seattle or Portland, but coming from Vegas and LA, it certainly does feel like it’s constantly raining.   

So far, we love it here.  The area is beautiful, the cost of living is half or less of what it is in LA, it’s business friendly and the politics are also more to our style.  Our business is still growing too, and this is definitely a great place to grow!  Now if we could just get our oldest son to move out here, everything would be perfect!  😉

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