Things they don’t tell you about how to be a boss

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I’ve dreamed of being a business owner most of my life. My mother was an entrepreneur and so was my grandfather. It was in my blood. I watched my mother run a business growing up and thought I knew what it all entailed. But there are some things that you just don’t know or understand until you become a boss yourself!

Things like you need to own your business not your job! What does that even mean!?! Well it means that when you own your job you’re not really a boss or an entrepreneur, you’re an employee for yourself. It’s a tough concept to wrap your mind around but once you do you’ll see a huge difference in how you view your business and business decisions.

A really horrible and difficult part of being a boss that no one tells you about is having to fire someone. Really it all starts with the hiring process! Hiring the right person keeps you from having to fire the wrong people.

Letting someone go, even with a ton of good and just reasons, it is the hardest thing you’ll have to do as a boss. Knowing that your decisions to let someone go means that they’ll have to figure out rent and bills and food and who knows what else ! It’s gut wrenching! But you have to think of more than that one persons life because every decision you make affects your business. Your business is taking care of more than just your own family but also all of your other employees and their family.

The only way to avoid having to fire someone is to hire the right people to begin with. That in itself is an extremely difficult part of being boss too. Even more important knowing what’s at stake if you don’t hire the right person.

These are the things about owning my own business that I wasn’t really prepared for. At least not prepared for how difficult it’s been to do these things. I’m learning though! Slowly but surely. I am learning!

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