Keto Diet vs Real Life

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I’ve been trying to stick to a strict Keto diet for the last couple of months. For the most part I’ve been doing so so. I think it’s been mostly lazy and dirty Keto, rather than strict. But he’ll I’ve been living off fast food and delivery for 10 years, I think I can give myself a break!

Or not, which is more likely. I’m way harder on myself than I ever would be someone else. I definitely “chase perfection”. I’m not even sure if I care anymore that I’m doing it. I’m 47, how am I supposed to change now?

But here I am trying to lose weight, get healthy and survive till I hit 50! Which is right around the corner. If I don’t have some shit together by then I’m sure to have a breakdown. I’m planning on it already! LOL

So some of the things I’ve done to make it a little easier to stay strict Keto is to do “Intermittent Fasting”. This is where you purposefully don’t eat for a certain amount of time and eat during a much shorter length. Like for the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a 16:8 daily fast. I only eat between 12 pm to 8 pm. Fasting mostly while I sleep and skipping breakfast. If I get a little hungry in the morning I drink some yummy bone broth with a little sea salt or some electrolytes. That will keep me going until lunch.

Lunch is usually a salad and cheese sticks or leftovers from dinner the night before. Dinners are super easy by using Paleo plan. I absolutely love it because I can hook up the eMeals app to Walmart grocery online ordering and then schedule a pickup the next day. This makes shopping and cooking so much easier!!

Of course, then there are days like today when I feel like crap and we order out. However I am still staying on diet by ordering a salad with blackened salmon! Yumm! It’s all about the choices I make each time I eat. We’ll see how it goes! Are you dieting?

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