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Confessions of a Serial Journaler – part 1

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I am a serial journaler.  I buy journals, a lot.  Like all year long, a lot.  I start them, very seldom do I finish them, but I start them with a passion and fervor that is quite strong.  I’ve always been this way.  Even as a little girl I had several journals, diaries they were called back then.  Small ones, thick ones, big ones, heavy ones.  I still have a lot of those diaries too.  It’s fun to reread them as an adult…. sometimes it’s a little embarrassing as well.

Around my house, on shelves, in piles, in drawers, littering every space possible, there are journals of all types.  Blank page ones, dotted ones, lined, dated, with journal prompts and bible verses… every type you could think of, I probably have in my house somewhere.

Why, though?  Why do I keep buying and trying all these various journals and planners?  I think part of it is because I want to write and this is one way to get out my creative expression. It’s also a cathartic way of dealing with my anxiety and depression.  As well as a great way to remember things for future reference.  All good reasons for having and using them for sure.

That makes me wonder why I don’t finish them though.  I think for one reason I don’t complete them because they don’t really fulfill the need that I had when I bought them.  Maybe I get distracted and lose the diary.  Sometimes I just lose interest or I hit a difficult subject and I don’t want to pick up my diary so I don’t have to deal with that issue.  So many reasons to start and to stop.

However, I’ve found a few journals that I am continuing to use and have created habits around using them.  Routines work for me.  I’m definitely a creature of habit, but it’s not easy to get me to start one!  I’ve learned to add habits slowly to my routine… add something too quickly and I could stop everything in the routine I’ve created!  LOL  Yes, I have to basically trick myself into doing the things that I want to do!  Sounds about right.

So I have a morning routine and an evening routine.  I’ll confess that I don’t do them 100% of the time, but it’s up there in the 90 percentile.  I can miss a day, but if I miss more than 2 days then the habit is gone and I have to start all over again.  So far that’s only happened a couple of times.

Currently my evening routine is much longer than my morning routine.  That is out of necessity because I don’t have much time in the morning to do a whole lot.  At least not yet.  I’m working my way up to getting up early enough to start “The Miracle Morning” again.  That will take some time because I’d have to get up VERY early in the morning to do that, and I haven’t found a way to get myself out of bed before 5:30 am.  At least not yet.

This has actually turned into a bit of a book on it’s own, so I’m going to make this a little series of posts.  I’ll talk about my routines, the journals/diaries/planners that I use, why I am using them, and how they make me feel in later posts.  If you’ve read this far already, then congratulations!  You win my admiration for reading my ramblings longer than anyone else!  LOL!  Comment below and let me know if you are a serial journaler as well.  It’d be nice to know that I’m not the only crazy journal hoarder out there!

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