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Quitting Social Media

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I’ve been talking about this for quite a while now.  Social media has become extremely toxic and I find myself upset, angry, sad, and just plain sick of it all.  It used to be a place where I found joy, companionship and happy thoughts.  That place disappeared a long time ago.

I started on social media a long time ago.  Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, AOL, IRC…. there were so many different ones to choose from.  Then they started being eaten up or completely destroyed by the two big monsters in the room…. well three if you count Google.  Really Google is another monster all to itself!  We’ll skip that one though.

The one for me that has become a real nightmare is Facebook.  Not only does it keep me totally addicted with the constant notifications, but it’s a constant reminder of things that make me unhappy.  People argue over everything, including me.  It’s like I can’t control myself.  Sure you can scroll by and ignore something, but then it sits in the back of your head “how can I just let that go?”. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know.

People I thought were friends, turn out to be people just looking for anything to tear you down.  People who you don’t get a long with, look for a reason to try and destroy you.  There are always good people, but sometimes it’s hard to watch them get hurt the same way you are.  So it just becomes this massively unhappy place.

When you see so many people posting all these happy things online, you wonder if they really are that happy and things are going well, or if it’s all a big rouse to sell you something.  I know I sound very cynical right now.  I guess I’m in a bad mood because of all the crap on social media and not feeling in control of my life because all I can do is sit on my phone looking for the next like or comment on my posts.  Ugh! 

So that’s why I took all social media apps off my phone!  Steve has placed a restriction at work so I can’t go on FB at the office as well.  So if you’re wanting to get  ahold of me, this, email, or by phone is the only way! 

2 thoughts on “Quitting Social Media

  1. I don’t blame you for quitting Facebook. I never joined out of protest but since then have heard that it became so cruel and political. Friends fighting with friends. I recently joined Instagram and it is not like that. Baby pictures, no meals, no politics, vacation pictures, and family photos. Not a lot of words. I know it’s owned by Facebook but has not lost its purpose. If it turns political, I’m out, as I can see that one offensive comment can ruin one’s day. Good luck.

    1. I agree, IG is generally much better than FB. It’s a gateway drug for me though. LOL I gotta go cold turkey from the big three or I’ll break! On the plus side, I’m getting back into blogging and reading blogs!

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