Does it “Spark Joy”?

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I’m going to warn you now.  It’s a slow day at my main work, and normally I would have been playing around on Facebook.  But now that I am not allowing myself to play on FB or IG or other social media, so I will be here, writing.  All. Day. Long.  At least just when I don’t have anything else to do.

I’m glad though, because I’ve been wanting to get back into the habit of blogging and writing in general. So this time away from social media gives me the ability to start getting into that habit again!  That sparks joy in me!

yes, I know, everyone is talking about Marie Kondo and her new show.  I’ve watched almost all of them in the first series and started to read her book. I’d really like to clean my house or at least my bedroom with her KonMari method, but just thinking about it gives me anxiety.  I’m a “closet hoarder”.  Meaning I hoard everything that belongs in my closet!  LOL!

Seriously though, I have WAY too much stuff… clothes, books (yes you CAN have too many), statues, chotchkies (how the hell do you spell that anyway), and just general stuff!  Not all of it is MINE, but the clothes, books and pretty/cute crap is definitely mine.  Hell I have enough make up to open a beauty store and I DON’T WEAR MAKE UP!!!  I just like having it on hand IN CASE I do want to wear make up.  Once, about 2 years ago I wore some!  It could happen again!  And if I got rid of all my make up then what would I do?!?!  I’d have to go to a STORE!  And NO ONE WANTS THAT!!

So instead, I have two containers filled… really OVER filled with make up that hasn’t been opened in two years or more.  Who knows if it’ll even be good by the time I decide to wear some again.  Some goes for hats.  I love hats.  But they are really hard to store!  So they sit on top of everything, until everything sits on top of them.

These are the things that pop into my head while I’m sitting here at my desk.  Some of this would have ended up on Facebook before today.  Some of this would not.  Mostly it’s just ramblings of a middle aged Gen Xer with too much time on her hands but no way of leaving my desk while it’s business hours!

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