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Mondays – great or crappy, you choose?

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What AM I looking at?  I don’t even know, that’s how blurry this morning was when I took this picture.  That’s generally how I start my weeks as well…. what??  Where am I?  Why are my eyes open?  How do I move these heavy legs?  The weekends go by way too fast.  Especially when you do nothing but watch movies and eat.

However I am starting to implement nice morning and evening routines that will make my days more productive and less…. well lazy, hopefully.  At night I’m reading and journaling.  I’m doing daily devotionals and keeping things short and sweet in the evenings to make it easier to transition from being awake to being asleep.

Yesterday I found a great program that helps to add daily routines, slowly but surely.  Things like drinking water, exercise, meditation, reading, etc.  You can add as much or as little as you want to and create your own routines.  So far I’m liking it… but I did just find it and start using it, so it’s still pretty new.  We’ll see how things go as I grow along.

So in between when I started writing this post and now, I had a doctor’s appointment.  Ugh!  It’s my pain management dr.  Which the actual Doctor is nice and understanding and has really helped my pain.  He put me on Low Dose Naltrexone.  I mentioned that in another post.  Of course today, I didn’t get to see the doctor, I saw the nurse practitioner, who is not as good with my pain.  For some reason he decided that he wasn’t going to give me a refill on the LDN because I have other meds that I take that they aren’t supposed to give me opiates with… well LDN isn’t an opiate.  It’s actually a counteractive drug to opiates, which is why my pain dr prescribed the LDN to begin with!  So being the bossy lady that I am, I said, nope, lemme talk to the doctor.  And after an hour of waiting, I finally got to see him and got my refill.  Don’t mess with my pain management dude!

Anyway, I could choose to see all of this afternoon as a bad day, especially since I now have a back ache and my leg hurts, or I can choose to see that today was actually not bad at all for me.  It really wasn’t a bad day.  Yes, my back hurts, but my back always hurts to one level or another.  Yes I dealt with someone irritating, but then I got it resolved in a relatively easy manner.  I don’t have to let this last couple of hours, ruin my day!  I can choose to see the wins and keep going from there!  I drank water this morning.  I got up on time.  I was a strong advocate for myself and we’re gonna leave work a little early.  All wins!

So how are you seeing your day?  Was it a good day or a bad day?

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