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What’s Wrong Now?!

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What's wrong now?On today’s episode of “What’s Wrong With Christine Now?” we find Christine dragging her right leg more than usual.  We can tell there’s some pain in her right hip, possible her lower back.  However, she has not been on her feet for long, nor has she taken a long walk at any point in the last 10 years, so what could it possibly be?!

Let’s spin the Wheel of “Fortune” (more like mishap) and see what we get!  Actually, I’m pretty sure God/The Universe/whatever is using a magic 8 ball on my health.  “Will Christine be able to go an entire day without pain?”  “Seems unlikely”.

So is this from the arthritis in my lower back or the degenerative disc disease?  Or maybe it’s the Fibromyalgia or Sciatic nerve?  Evidently your guess is as good as mine or my doctors!  Somehow, no matter why I go in to see a doctor, I come out with more questions than answers.

I go see my pain doctor  next week.  I plan on talking to him more about the procedure he wanted to do to alleviate some of the pain.  A Procedure that my insurance has determined that they won’t pay for.  They sent me two large envelopes to tell me why.  1/3 of the pages were in other languages like Chinese or Spanish.  The rest of it was in Lawyerese or Insuranceish.  So literally I have no idea why they won’t pay.  But if it’s not too expensive, maybe I can pay cash (read credit), to get it done anyway.

I do know one thing.  The LDN (Low Dosage Naltrexone)  has been helping me much more than I realized.  I haven’t had any for about 2 weeks now, maybe longer, and I’ve got pains all over now.  And my left leg has been cramping like a mother trucker!  So I need to get another prescription for that from him as well.

Well, whatever this pain is from, it can run but it can’t hide from the pain pills I took earlier!  I think I can finally rest well enough to go to sleep.  Until Next time!  Same blog time, same blog channel!

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  1. Absolutely love the look of your blog! Did you use a designer or logo artist? If so I totally want their contact info. Still trying to get the energy up to work on mine. Oh and great minds think a like! I made a bit mojo of myself and it’s wearing the exact same outfit!!

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